Are you looking for a unique outdoor experience that's educational as well as fun for the whole family?

Then you should check out a WDS event. The Wisconsin Dragonfly Society partners in a variety of events throughout the year. Most of our events are held outside. They are typically open to the public for free or for a minimal charge. Many of our events include hands on activities such as holding nymphs as you examine them under a hand lens or chasing dragonflies with nets. Participating in a WDS event helps us further understand dragonflies and our environment and can leave you with memories of the fun that you shared with your family and friends!

Having an event?

Consider asking the Wisconsin Dragonfly Society to partner or participate. The WDS can put together a program that best suits your event. Whether it’s an information booth with live dragonfly nymphs, classroom presentation followed by netting live adult dragonflies or a complete workshop with preserved and live specimens, WDS can provide knowledgeable volunteers, helpful literature, and the use of the field supplies that will be needed, including nets, hand lenses and field guides.

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Upcoming Events

Join the Wisconsin Dragonfly Society on June 25-27th for our 2021 Annual Meeting

The meeting is designed for dragonfly enthusiasts of all levels, with a variety of programs and field trips.

Field trips will explore the bogs, lakes and rivers of Ashland County looking for interesting Odonata.

Species that we hope to find include Riffle Snaketails, Boreal Snaketails, Dragonhunters, Splendid Clubtails, Mustached Clubtails, Green-faced Clubtails, Eastern Least Clubtails, Twin-spotted Spiketails, Arrowhead Spiketails, Kennedy’s Emerald, and more. We also plan to see various species of Jewelwings, Spreadwings, Bluets and other Damselflies.

Check-in begins at 5pm Friday June 25th and 8:30am on Saturday June 26th at the Gilman Park pavilion in Mellen Wisconsin. Advanced registration is required

Due to the pandemic, advanced registration is required and will be limited to 32 people. Advanced registration will be taken on a first come first served basis. All events will be held outdoors. Masks and social distancing will be mandatory

To Register send an email to

The Wisconsin Dragonfly Society promotes and encourages the conservation of Wisconsin's dragonflies and damselflies.